The performance principle

Boosting brand identity internally

For 40 years, AMG has been putting the principle of ‘performance’ into practice – this is why it now forms the core of the brand. ‘Performance’ can be experienced by customers in all product variants: naturally, in the engine, the gearbox, the brakes and, last but not least, the customisation of the cockpit. It is a declared aim to make it possible for the customer to experience this performance level in AMG-specific consulting along all contact points while also setting the standard.

Tools for informing and motivating employees

With the brand book and brand walls, we provide communication tools that involve the employees of AMG in the process of branding, inform them about their own brand, enthuse them about this and ultimately influence their behaviour in terms of the brand. With the aim of motivating all employees to contribute through their behaviour to profiling the brand and honouring the brand promise across all areas.



Marc Niebling
Senior Account Manager
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