Metropolitan Pharmacy

Brand identity for the airport pharmacy

How many pharmacies do you know with their own airport?

No matter whether you need eye drops, painkillers or a rare cardiac stimulant, a pharmacy is much more than just the place where medications are sold. Metropolitan Pharmacy is responsible for ensuring optimum pharmaceutical advice and provision where thousands of people come together at the airport every day. For instance, there is a Metropolitan Pharmacy in each of the terminals at the spacious Frankfurt Airport, and they are even the only pharmacies in a transit area in Munich and Düsseldorf. The name Metropolitan Pharmacy represents highly skilled advice, the biggest range and innovative services – at the airports in Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. A claim that we have conveyed in a new brand identity.

New appearance for a strong brand

We developed a new, independent and modular appearance for Metropolitan Pharmacy. A strong and memorable word logo, a characteristic corporate type and clear colour coding, which differentiates between the umbrella brand and the four segments metpharma, metvital, mettravel and metbeauty. The established design and new colour code are used for all communication media, offline and online, and serve as the basis for the design concept for all German branches of Metropolitan Pharmacy.



Veronique Bielecke
Senior Account Manager
Tel. +49 89 895622-34