Successful brand development

Investment in the brand

For almost 30 years, PATRIZIA AG has been covering the complete range of services relating to residential and commercial property as an investor and service provider with over 800 employees. PATRIZIA currently manages 15.0 billion euros of property assets. Of which more than 90% is on behalf of third parties. In order to retain and build its market position and correspondingly boost the brand, Patrizia has been going through all the stages of successful brand development with our help: analysis, positioning, brand value development, brand core definition, performance promise, visual derivation and communication.

The entire branding process

What do I stand for as a company? What characterises me? And what differentiates us from others? To fulfil this task, RED was brought on board as an experienced branding agency. We have used an extensive online survey to investigate the value perception of the Patrizia brand from an outsider’s viewpoint, analyse its strengths and weaknesses, and compare the results with the immediate competitive environment. From the further development of a positioning statement as a starting point for the brand manifesto and the future communicative guiding theme through to the implementation of individual communication measures, we support Patrizia in boosting its brand.



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