Empowering communication

Global online language training

With Speexx, multinational companies and organisations throughout the world improve the communication skills of their employees across all borders. The cloud-based solution includes products for Business English, Spanish, German, Italian and French with support in 13 user languages. The ‘Perfect Blend’ from Speexx offers professional communication training in the virtual classroom, mobile and social learning and online courses with constant supervision by one of more than 1500 qualified coaches throughout the world.

Conveying the high quality demands in design

Speexx sets the standard for top performance and innovation in online language training and coaching. We have implemented the topics for Speexx with suitably demanding and high-quality design. From the corporate design development and business stationery through to trade fair stands and the corporate brochure.



Susanne Gößler
Senior Account Manager
Tel. +49 89 895622-18