Long-term relationships are precious

They are the result of mutual trust, persuasion and honesty. From experience, collaboration is often created in line with the client’s project requirements. We view a professional client briefing, an agency re-briefing, various creative drafts, the comparison of the desired brand position, checking nothing has been missed and a professional presentation as milestones along the path to successful collaboration.

Successful collaboration – we call this a client partnership – is often the interaction between ‘managing and being managed’. Resistance to advice – regardless which side this is on – only makes coordination processes unnecessarily difficult. Within brand management, to us the term ‘lead agency’ means responsibility and obligation in one. After all, we develop our ideas with a focus on the task, manage all communication measures in the context of the brand, and advise you for the benefit of the company. And, in most cases, we’ve been doing this for many years.