365 Days of Growth

2006 Annual Report

Once again, there was a lot of good news to report: Fujitsu once again enjoyed above-average growth in the past fiscal year and has thus opened up promising perspectives for all of its shareholders and stakeholders. The last fiscal year’s results speak for themselves: for the first time, Fujitsu can report substantial growth for all of its KPIs – revenues, profits and market share. As a result, the IT company is thus the “outperformer of the market” for the third successive time.

Components of Growth

The “pars pro toto” principle is used as the concept platform: the growth of Fujitsu as a company is based on many individual achievements, and these are totally convincing through to the smallest detail. At the end of the day, the performance, reliability and security of individual components govern the success of the entire solution. Aesthetically pleasing photographs of individual components focus on the quality of the products and solutions, and the conscious way in which they are portrayed lead the reader’s gaze to key financial information: for example, an SCSI cable is used as the revenue curve or a fan wing is used symbolically to show market share.

The result

Combined with bold percentages, item numbers or other results, financial and market information is presented in a confident manner. The introductory lead pages ensure a high level of independence and yet they create a very homogeneous overall picture. The “components of growth” concept is also very present in the visual presence for the company’s products and solutions. The corporate design colours such as red and mint (background behind the product stills) are used in a large number of varieties. The drama of the content and the structured design of this concept are suitable for both a printed and also an online version of the annual report.



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