Appreciation of a vibrant musical culture

Focusing on music

RED conceived and created the 2014 Annual Report for GEMA, one of the world’s largest authoring companies for musical works. The goal: explicitly expanding the perception of GEMA from just being an organised association to represent its members’ interests to include legitimation at a social level. The two-part report comprises a financial and an annual report.

The idea

A vibrant musical culture requires a supporting structure – and that means protecting and upholding copyright, reliable political framework conditions and a fair tariff system for all concerned. Public appreciation is mandatory, everywhere where music can be heard in public. That is why GEMA is in close dialogue with all of the players in the music business. The Annual Report focuses on this dialogue and shows GEMA’s wide range of tasks from various perspectives.

The result

Music is valuable and deserves special protection. The annual report presents GEMA’s highly varied tasks using five reports under the motto “Insights”. The stories flow through the entire report, which is structured like a magazine. This allows the reader to take a look behind the scenes, offering an authentic perspective of GEMA’s work: from a visit to Andreas Bourani’s sound studio through to political operations in Berlin, and through to awarding prizes for music and authors and the after show party in the Szeneclub.



Stephanie Prem
Senior Account Manager
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