Bringing the brand to life spatially

Interior design for the Executive Customer Center

The Fujitsu plant in Augsburg is one of the world’s most modern production facilities for computers and storage systems – and the only computer manufacturing facility left in Germany. The facility also has R&D departments and laboratories, where IT systems and components – for Fujitsu and other companies – are developed and tested. The plant brings together the best engineering and highest production quality from Germany and Japan. The company is opening the Executive Customer Center in the Augsburg facility to present products and solutions for workplace and data centre computing to their customers and offer a Fujitsu brand experience.

The idea

The existing 400 square metres of floorspace are redesigned and remodelled as a showroom. Here, Fujitsu will have a space to show customers the design, production and functions of their products and services as well as the brand and the new appearance.

The result

Even at the entrance, customers are greeted with the Fujitsu colours and the brand position “shaping tomorrow with you”. Red is the signal colour present in all rooms of the centre. The space also offers modern showroom modules for the presentation of Fujitsu products and services. The latest campaigns, such as the Lifebook campaign, can be seen on the walls. The result: approximately 5,000 people visit the factory and the Executive Customer Center and experience the Fujitsu brand every year.



Marc Niebling
Senior Account Manager
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