Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb München

Brand implementation

Talking one language – internally and externally

It is not enough to just re-brand everything immediately to successfully implement a brand. Of course, implementing all of the activities on schedule is a must-have component of re-branding – however, supporting the roll-out in communication both internally and externally is almost even more important. It is only possible to successfully create a brand and identity if this is portrayed transparently: what is happening here, why it’s all happening and what does it mean for me as an employee. This is the only way to turn employees into brand ambassadors and turn them into testimonials for the new brand. This also results in a harmonious appearance to the outside world.

The idea

The awareness of inhabitants of Munich and also the company’s employees of the new AWM brand is to be heightened. As a result, we have created a corresponding step-by-step plan for Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb München . This transports the brand from the inside to the outside. Informing all employees in internal events, presenting the new brand at the summer party – that’s how we launched the internal communication. During the first phase of external perception, the new logo and the brand promise are present, in the second phase we reinforced identification with a hero campaign which visualised the claim.



Stephanie Prem
Senior Account Manager
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