Metropolitan Pharmacy

Print media

A functional communication concept

Bundled power makes you stronger. That is why we always keep two goals in mind for the concept and creation of the brochures for Metropolitan Pharmacy: one is, of course, the function, contents and target group of the specific medium; the other is the brand itself. After all, with every brochure we can achieve both things: conveying specific information on the one hand, and strengthening the brand on the other. Therefore, our approach is always based on a comprehensive understanding of the brand, whether we are working on an integrated concept or a concrete campaign element. This is our way of making communication efficient and sharpening the brand profile. With every brochure.

The idea

Based on the corporate design of Metropolitan Pharmacy, we developed a modular design grid for all of the brand’s print media. Clear typographical elements, bars, highlight boxes and unified callouts offer the flexibility necessary for print media, while providing enough standardisation and continuity to create a calm, orderly impression across all publications. The corporate font Neo Sans is used in a reduced and typographically structured version, which creates a very clear, legible type face. The unified, reduced colour palette also contributes to the very calm and brand-appropriate impression.



VĂ©ronique Bielecke
Senior Account Manager
Tel. +49 89 895622-34