Setting the stage for integrated knowledge

Campaign development for Haufe

The Haufe Suite collects and integrates the knowledge of the company and its employees in a central portal. It is the optimum cloud-based information and communication platform for staff and external partners to exchange know-how on the topics of human resources, finance, labour protection, organisations and companies, law offices and service portals. We developed a word logo for this knowledge platform, as well as a campaign that personally and emotionally addresses the target groups of the individual specialist areas and business units.

The idea

Integrated and bundled employee know-how is an important success factor for any company. And: the largest source of knowledge in a company was and is its staff. This is why we decided the campaign should visually and communicatively focus on the employees. Emotionally appealing and likeable protagonists of the individual specialist areas are presented in an exciting light in a reduced office environment. The icon-type graphics in the background illustrate the idea of integration and at the same time work as a bold element that visually connects the campaign’s images.

The result

The comprehensive integration idea is not just reflected in the campaign, but is also expressed as a homogeneous visual appearance in the logo of the Haufe Suite. The global and all-encompassing aspect of the online portal is symbolised by the three-dimensional sphere. The lines stand for the connections, the junctions for interfaces and concentrations of knowledge.
The entire range of a company’s employees, such as an HR manager, a lawyer, or a labour protection representative, appear with positive statements about the Haufe Suite. Their statements hint at the individual performance promises of the portal, like “excellent content and clear structure” or “getting a handle on information overload”. In addition to the conception, photo production, and design of the print and online campaign, we also developed the visual guidelines for the online portal.



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