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Customer magazine

A vibrant stage for financial services

The customer magazine “report” is the annual report of Real I.S. and lets investors take a look behind the scenes. Reports, interviews, new features for funds or press commentaries: exciting text coupled with extraordinary images excite the reader. We put the content in a well-designed, excellently edited format and in so doing we uphold the corporate identity and strategy.

The idea

Real I.S’s corporate colours – light blue and dark blue – can be found in the interim headlines, quotes, tables, figures and information boxes in the layout. The layout is based on a magazine layout; for example, we work with black and white coloured areas which back the headlines and picture titles, thus adding exciting highlights or cutting into images in an unexpected manner. This graphic element follows the tectonic character of the company’s logo and gives the interior pages a uniform and unmistakable look. We have added rhythm to the double pages with a large format image in each case and significantly smaller images. The text has been structured to make it easy to read with summary introductory texts.



Stephanie Prem
Senior Account Manager
Tel. +49 89 895622-38