Reflecting corporate identity

Impressive key medium

Image brochures rank among the key media used by practically all companies. They are vital for communicating brand values both externally and internally. The image brochure allows identification with the company, and it also provides a generous amount of key information on the company in a transparent manner.

The idea

Based on the “Creating Fluid Solutions” brand promise, this focuses on dealing with and handling solutions and services for everything to do with the core subject of fluids. However, the image brochure not only acts as a traditional medium to present the company, but also expands the range of topics covered with concrete offers.

The result

The complex issues are translated using supplementary word pairs and visual analogies. This allows the reader to experience the broad range and the most extreme areas of use, while at the same time it reflects the strength and potential inherent in the LEWA brand. And yet there’s more: a tactile game with shortened pages allows what at first appears to be hidden to unfold its visuals and contents – not at first, but at second glance. Elaborate, impressive and surprising.



Susanne Gößler
Senior Account Manager
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