Digital Publishing

Packaging Design

Visual presentation of the entire product portfolio

Market leader in the German-speaking world, more than 4.5 million learners around the globe in more than 30 countries: Digital Publishing is one of the most successful producers of interactive learning software. Software packaging is one of the key advertising media for a product sold in book shops. The packaging must attract the customer’s interest at the shelf within a few seconds. In book shops, packaging is often the only advertising medium to encourage customers to make a purchase and lead repeat customers directly to the product. Packaging design needs to address the emotional side but also cover the functional aspects important to consumers: they have to see the product as relevant to them and ultimately be persuaded to purchase the product by the information on the packaging.

The idea

Clear organisation with a colour code and images to reflect and communicate the sophisticated learning concept of the interactive language study tour with intelligent language learning technology. This is how Digital Publishing became Europe’s market leader. Translation software, business language courses or office dictionaries – the packaging design offers a visual representation of the product’s benefits. The clear, modern design reflects what customers want from the products. A comprehensive colour/image system visually separates the different languages and modules. Whatever the specific product features might be, one thing is clearly recognisable – it is a Digital Publishing product.



Susanne Gößler
Senior Account Manager
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