Packaging Design

Product packaging as a brand icon

We have been supporting the Lexware success story for more than ten years. This company leads the market for commercial software. It provides solutions for private individuals, the self-employed, small and medium-sized enterprises – and our work provides the products with a correctly branded presence in stores. We are responsible for developing the concept and structuring the entire packaging design, expressing the product’s performance by its visual appearance.

The idea

Unmistakable branding with succinct packaging design: that is the aim for the new Lexware product packaging. The packaging design is clear and has a high value, its exciting, modern look makes sure that topics such as accounting, financial management, taxes or goods management are implemented visually – to excite emotions and to appeal. Reduced close-up photos of the individual iconic software symbols are shown across the front of the packaging. A striking colour code differentiates the individual performance levels for the products at a glance.

The result

The excellently photographed still life pictures can be perfectly integrated into the product packaging, which is relaunched annually, or they can be adapted for new products. This reinforces Lexware’s brand presence, creates strong brand recognition and maximum attention, and sets the brand clearly apart from the competition. This turns product packaging into brand icons. In addition to the stringently structured business line, we have also developed several purely consumer lines. We have also optically integrated extremely user-friendly software solutions, such as the Lexware “Wissensreihe”, into the business line, highlighting their simplicity with the light package background. In contrast, an extremely bold, neon green package background underscores the special position held by the stand-alone products.



Susanne Gößler
Senior Account Manager
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