Breathless Agility

Primergy campaign

Fujitsu’s Primergy servers are at the heart of this campaign. The goal is to reach Fujitsu’s Channel Partners with a wide-ranging awareness campaign, while also increasing consumer demand for server products. However, highlighting product-specific USPs doesn’t just intrigue existing Channel Partners, but also reconnects with former Fujitsu Channel Partners. The other target group is comprised of SMEs, who we want to address as communication consumers in order to increase the demand for server products. Communication focuses on the core values of efficiency, simplicity and compatibility.

The idea

Advancing the concept of the action-packed Fujitsu Notebook campaign and the modern cloud imagery, we create a fusion of both approaches by depicting the IT decision-maker as a hero in an exciting urban server landscape. He has powers consistent with the product-specific USPs. We create an elaborate 3D-rendered Primergy server city with a wealth of fascinating details. The breathtaking, emotional visuals paired with bold messages appear at trade shows, in ads and in online banners.

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Marc Niebling
Senior Account Manager
Tel. +49 89 895622-25