Digital Publishing

Publisher preview

Central information tool for book retailers

The publisher preview offered by Digital Publishing primarily informs book retailers, journalists and licence partners – usually twice per year – in December/January for the spring season and in May/June for the autumn. The publisher uses this to present its new products with a brief description of their content and all of the bibliographic information. In addition, the publisher preview allows the tool to be used directly as an order list thanks to the integrated bar codes. An extract from the backlist is printed at the end of the publication and the contact details and contact persons at the publisher are provided.

The idea

This calls for excellent design quality in a pragmatic and practical layout, with modular updates and which provides a transparent, top-quality visual impression with little effort. A well-honed design matrix, clearly defined pack shot sizes and an excellent typography system create the parameters required for a layout document which ensures excellent design quality even for large amounts of information. The corporate colour is silver, which is used to mix wonderful background colours, and the full surfaces of the packages are presented in detail. A document which provides the basis for an excellent publisher preview every six months.



Susanne Gößler
Senior Account Manager
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