Everything at a glance

We developed a clearly structured, flexible, modular and modern design system for the complete Haufe, Lexware and Redmark catalogue.

The idea

In order to be able to illustrate the entire publishing programme, we developed different double- and single-page types based on a 12-column matrix. This matrix guarantees optimum flexibility for the layout of the double-page shop access pages, the product pages for presentation and the description of one to four products.

The result

A solid horizontal line defines a white space in the upper part of the layout for headings and category titles. A well-conceived colour coding system gives the reader orientation. The consistent use of four font sizes and two font styles keeps the text-laden publishing programme clear and organised. The bibliographies with their specifications for textbook sellers are emphasised by light grey info-boxes. As no colours are used elsewhere, the black-and-white author’s portraits give a homogeneous sense of quality and are automatically perceived at the informative black-and-white text level. Tables of product and price overviews are also designed in black and shades of grey.

We achieved compelling clarity and organisation by using black and grey for texts and tables and the large percentage of white in the total layout, but also through the deliberate use of colour in the product illustrations and the colour coding of the category bands.



Susanne Gößler
Senior Account Manager
Tel. +49 89 895622-18