Vertical Campaign Video

Mobile and cross-industry IT solutions

Fujitsu, the leading Japanese provider of information technology and telecommunication, asked us to create and produce an international campaign with video and print creatives. The task: Position Fujitsu through advertising as a specialised industry supplier of mobile IT products and solutions with IT decision-makers and users. Key factors include authentic product applications in each industry, making the product benefits visible to users. The video will be used online, at trade fairs and events around the world, supported by a print campaign and online banners.

The idea

For the main element of communication we created an effective video ad with a continuous plot line moving through three very different industries: automotive, healthcare and retail. The latest product USPs are integrated into the plot, as the same protagonist uses them in his work while changing jobs and roles in each of the industries. Special creative challenge: creating effective transitions from one industry to the next.

Production and flow

We need real, very modern locations only to make the video and photos as authentic as possible. Munich, Klagenfurt and Valencia offer excellent conditions for shooting the video and the photo series at the same time. Constant focus – the key product USPs.



Marc Niebling
Senior Account Manager
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