Visual Identity

Intercultural branding process

We developed the new visual identity for Fujitsu, for which we received the if communication design award. The primary requirement was to realise the new Fujitsu brand positioning “shaping tomorrow with you” in a visually convincing way and increase brand perception. Our challenge in doing so was to realise the new brand positioning despite cultural differences between Asia and Europe in terms of the perception of and contact with a visual identity.

The result

The result of the intercultural branding process is a global visual identity characterised by a graphic element that creates identity, a corporate type developed exclusively for Fujitsu and a globally applicable design grid. A photo style – which supports the brand positioning of “shaping tomorrow with you” – and a unique colour code complete the new visual identity. We created a comprehensive CD Manual with a detailed set of guidelines and definitions.

The individual elements

The logo – we consider the visual core of the brand the centre of Fujitsu’s new visual identity. One essential part of this new visual identity is a visual accent, the so-called “response module”. It is based on a logo element, created as a unique graphic element used across all media. The proprietary font, Fujitsu-Sans, also takes its proportions and shapes from the Fujitsu logo. In addition, the new corporate photo style adds visual representations of the brand’s three core values: ambitious, genuine, responsive. To round off the overall look, we developed a global design and type grid, which works for Western Latin scripts and Asian writing systems. A sophisticated colour scheme offers flexibility for many different media and applications.



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