Brand Positioning

One of the biggest challenges facing a brand manager today is to differentiate a brand from its competitors. Most brands exist in an environment filled with too much of everything. And the tougher the competition gets, the more vital it is to position your brand carefully. In such an environment, brands that run with the pack or cling to obsolete positions have little hope of a successful, profitable future. Success today depends more than ever on how well a brand is established in customers’ minds. The primary purpose of positioning is to define the future role of a supplier’s offering in the competitive market. This establishes a focus to ensure the efficiency of all marketing activities. Actively communicating the qualities of the brand position influences the consumer’s subjective perception more directly than the actual qualities of the product. The positioning statement is the essential component of a brand strategy, and the foundation of the brand’s unified communication platform. It is the cornerstone of all subsequent tactical and strategic brand activities, which are aimed at establishing an independent, distinct profile and position in the consumers’ minds. The goal of brand positioning is to bring the brand as close as possible to the consumer’s ideal, while at the same time clearly distinguishing it from the competition. RED advises and supports companies in this process. RED helps to position brands clearly, distinctly and sustainably in the market. RED works with clients to develop unique positions that provide clear answers to the target group’s question: What benefits can I, the customer, expect to gain by choosing this brand? RED plots the brand/ideal graph and compares the internal and external brand profile to determine the appropriate positioning, and hence the brand’s future potential.