Lounge of Senses

The CeBIT trade fair booth

Fujitsu asked us to develop a concept for their CeBIT trade fair booth that would rethink the previous corporate presence as a whole. Goal: best possible public effect and brand awareness. Fujitsu wanted a booth that is distinctly different from the conventional trade show presences, largely doing away with cost-intensive staff and elaborate presentations of original products. Based on the new brand approach of “Sense of Responsibility”, we needed to realise an independent, authentic corporate presence that has a lasting strengthening effect for the Fujitsu brand.

The idea

At the CeBIT, in the midst of a confusing jumble of information, images, noise and bustle, the Lounge of Senses offers an oasis of calm, relaxation and focus. We have created an area that invites visitors to relax, which offers a very personal benefit with a surprising analogy to the company and its products. With the five human senses – vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch – we have created a strong conceptual derivation and anchor for the sixth sense: Sense of Responsibility.

The result

The Lounge of Senses is an open, friendly space with the styling, sound and lighting of a trendy club lounge – with modern seating, an appealing atmosphere and welcome quiet zones. Unusual objects and installations involve the individual human senses in surprising, entertaining ways. The combination of different media and materials underscores the different themes, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in an experience that is not typical of trade fairs. Fujitsu offers IT for all senses, and the new trade fair booth will be the talk of the town.



Marc Niebling
Senior Account Manager
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