Design book programme

Target group-specific relaunch

After a strategic reorientation, the Haufe group no longer divides its textbook programme into series spanning all target groups, but gears it thematically toward the following target segments: Finance, Human Resources, Real Estate and Consultants, which are grouped in a large text book assortment.

And a second, smaller segment, the so-called popular text books, which are thematically divided into Management and Marketing. Based on this reorientation, we relaunched the entire visual appearance of the book programme.

The idea

The striking black “belt” is the strong visual feature that connects all titles. It is a modern, cubist-inspired element that divides all covers clearly and boldly into the upper headline section and the lower image section. The unified typography system, the new sector-specific colour code, and the generous design matrix make for better readability and emphasise the expert competence of the Haufe textbook programme.

The result

Not least because we are responsible for Haufe’s corporate design and the packaging of all their software and online products, we have developed a concept that unites the following 3 points: Perfect visual integration of the textbook titles into the existing design world of the software and online products, creating recognition, and clear differentiation from the competition.



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