Design Documentation

Documenting a global Brand

After developing the new visual identity for Fujitsu as a global brand, the aim is to gear the end-to-end branding and design project internationally and in a uniform manner for all of the Fujitsu companies and to make this accessible. The CD manuals contribute to making a strong international brand understandable and available around the entire world, and to ensure a uniform appearance in all countries. This also supports global growth.

The idea

We developed the design-based, identity-creating elements of the brand based on an end-to-end analysis of brand values. These include defining logo sizes and positions, defining primary and secondary colours, working out an end-to-end typography system, developing a uniform design matrix, working out examples of printed and advertising communication (offline and online), POS/event equipment, business equipment, business templates as well as partner/co-branding guidelines. We work out all of the policies in detail, define these precisely and set these out in extensive guidelines.

The result

These guidelines are available to all of the employees and partners in English on the media portal. They are broken down into three groups: Brand Strategy, Brand Elements and Brand Applications. In addition, film tutorials are also developed for the most important topics. These help viewers to better understand the respective issue in a very simple manner. As the international lead agency, we can see how the global appearance changes around the world every day, how this becomes more uniform and consistent, and thus helps to reinforce Fujitsu worldwide.



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