Metropolitan Pharmacy

Design Manual

We shape unique things

Hated by some, revered by others as a kind of bible you have to follow. The truth, as always, lies in the middle. Creating corporate design manuals is the daily bread of design agencies. CD manuals document the visual cornerstones of a corporate identity. If used, the design guidelines create a unified, consistent corporate appearance. A corporate design manual is an essential part of design projects. It contains detailed information about the many different variations of the corporate appearance. It supports the employees of Metropolitan Pharmacy with creating communication media as well as third-party providers such as other agencies, interior or trade show designers, who are all able to work with these design guidelines.

The idea

First we develop the corporate design, then we create rules for it. We give Metropolitan Pharmacy an unmistakable visual appearance. Using logos, fonts, colours, shapes and imagery, we create a unique appearance. We create, define and regulate all elements involved in expressing the character of the brand and the company in a consistent manner. This is the basis of systematically unique presentations. In all media. For all target groups.



VĂ©ronique Bielecke
Senior Account Manager
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