Our people make the difference

Global Brand Awareness Campaign

To increase awareness of Fujitsu as an international ICT company outside of Japan, we developed a global brand awareness campaign. We show how Fujitsu employees work with their customers and colleagues to develop the next generation of innovative solutions. According to the motto “Our people make the difference”, we present different case studies showing how Fujitsu employees in Dubai, Brazil, Australia, England, Portugal and Germany realise special IT projects in cooperation with their customers.

The idea

Apart from increasing brand awareness, the aim of the Global Brand Awareness is to demonstrate the global presence of the Group and convey Fujitsu’s “Human Centric” strategy. Out of this need we developed a campaign with the motto “Fujitsu’s People”. Our concept focuses on statements from Fujitsu employees, partners and customers, positioning the company as a global ICT player. The “Human Centric” strategy is explained by introducing technology and solutions, while also creating a strong connection to the brand promise “Shaping tomorrow with you”.



Alexandra Butler
Senior Account Manager
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