Packaging Systems

The basic idea lies in product benefits

The cross-media presentation of Haufe software products in the form of 3D packaging was not satisfactory. The product packaging worked in their original size, slightly smaller for ads, catalogues and mailings. As a small online thumbnail, the box is no longer clearly recognisable and its message cannot be read. Haufe-Lexware GmbH asked us to develop a product icon that would provide a media-neutral, optimised visualisation for the software products for HR, business, taxes and legal.

The idea

We based the overall concept on the product benefits. The service range of all Haufe software products can be summarised in three categories: knowledge, tools, training. They can also be interpreted as three different levels. Another point is transparent information. Haufe offers its customers a wealth of in-depth knowledge as apps, services, online communities, specialist portals as well as training and qualification options. We took these three levels and the idea of transparent knowledge and developed the triple-layered glass cube as the basic icon idea.

The result

The modern glass cube is the overriding icon for the three aspects of all products. Inside is a second, smaller cube. This “product cube” integrates the existing product visuals, the colour coding of the four service levels and the product names. The large standard product range is assigned the colour blue, Haufe’s corporate colour; the cubes for the “Professional” level have an elegant silver colour, while understated black is the colour of the premium products. The “Suite” product bundles at a higher price are gold. That means that the glass cube serves as perfect realisation of all Haufe software products. With its bold, clear design it can be used online on landing pages, in online shops and for detailed list views. Used in offline media in a bigger format, e.g. for packaging, mailings, brochures and ads, the cube looks convincing and valuable.



Susanne Gößler
Senior Account Manager
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