Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb München

Giving raw materials a second life

Stopping power is recycling power

From brand to product: The recycling campaign of Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb München [Waste Management Services Munich] (AWM) presents the service portfolio of the municipal waste disposal company. The Recycling Management Act (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz), which became law in June 2012, requires a recycling rate of 65% for residential waste. “We wanted to be the first metropolis to reach this goal,” says Helmut Schmidt, Deputy Plant Manager at AWM. “We need the full commitment of our citizens in order to separate more recyclables from our waste.”

The idea

The challenge of this campaign was to represent the variety of materials and the second life you give them by recycling, and to motivate people to separate their waste more diligently. What actually happens to my waste? Why should I separate it? We had to head off these sceptical questions and educate people, making them understand that correct waste separation ensures that the raw materials can be recycled or otherwise reused. The presentation of all waste categories had to be equally transparent and truthful: biodegradable waste, paper, textiles and small electric appliances.

The result

The main idea is communication through bold, high-profile images, their variety of colour and the combinations of visuals and words that seem confusing at first glance. A strong campaign with stopping power and a visible presence all over Munich using Citylights, Infoscreen, Edgar Cards and vehicle posters. Plus radio ads featuring talking raw materials on their psychiatrist’s couch demanding a second chance.



Stephanie Prem
Senior Account Manager
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