What would you do with the world‘s most powerful computer?

Supercomputer Video

In 2011 Fujitsu built a supercomputer with a capacity of 10.51 petaflops – making it the fasting computing system in the world at that time. Fujitsu wants to use this achievement to confirm and underscore the positioning for its entire product portfolio in the context of its “Human Centric Intelligent Society” vision as a brand promise for “shaping tomorrow with you” in its communication. From a marketing perspective, there are the following questions: How can we awaken society’s interest in a supercomputer and demonstrate its personal relevance for everyone? How can the supercomputer be explained as a milestone in the “Human Centric Intelligent Society” vision? How can the radiation generated by the supercomputer be used for the entire product portfolio?

The strategic approach

We have developed a strategic approach to solve these challenges: the supercomputer is presented as being a concept to solve highly complex problems for a better and more intelligent society. In addition, its development expresses the passion for striving for a better society. In so doing, including the observer by addressing a question is the individual confrontation with the supercomputer. This also creates personal relevance.

The power of strong images

In order to make the abstract benefits offered by the supercomputer tangible for observers, and to awaken the power of their personal imagination, we open a dialogue with the central issue of “What would you do with the world’s most powerful computer?”. What would you do with the world‘s most powerful computer? This is how we invite the observer to dive into the unimaginable possibilities a supercomputer offers by now being able to solve society’s problems that previously couldn’t be solved due to insufficient computer performance. Protagonists of various ages set out their thoughts in a highly emotional manner in the film. What problem would you solve with the world’s fastest and most powerful computer system?



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