Energizing Employees

Communication follows strategy

It all starts with the strategy – and the goal of having a clear profile as a basis for communication. This is why we are conducting a brand workshop with our long-term customer Haufe to newly position the brands Haufe and umantis in the corporation. We will transform the workshop results into a central communicative theme for the product “umantis Talent Management”, human resources software: Energizing Employees.

The idea

The core message “Energizing Employees” is visually implemented with light paintings, a photographic technique involving time exposure, combined with characteristic protagonists from the target group. The bold and dynamic light paintings in front of darkened backgrounds convincingly express the energetic aspect. Each protagonist is associated with an icon-type “light painting” that visualises the protagonist’s statement about the new HR software.

The result

The whole range of employees of a company, such as trainees, supervisors, HR managers, or IT specialists, are presented and are given the chance to talk about the software. Their statements ring with the performance promises of the software, like “Winning”, “Performing”, and “Developing”. The different surroundings in each of the scenarios underpin the individual and multi-faceted character of each protagonist. The dynamic light paintings strikingly distort the images and surprise the viewer visually. As a full-service agency, we carry out the entire process of the campaign. From brand workshop and positioning to concept development, all the way to implementation in a photo shoot and image processing.



Susanne Gößler
Senior Account Manager
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