Clairfield International

Development of a global umbrella brand

Groundwork for an international network

Clairfield International, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is a globally oriented corporate finance consulting firm and equity partnership with nationally operating investment banking boutiques in the world’s most important financial and industrial centres. The Clairfield team consists of M&A/Corporate Finance specialists, who provide both comprehensive financial and strategic assistance for projects in association with over 30 industry experts. With cross-border project configurations, Clairfield International ensures a competent and consistent quality of consulting via the close and personal linking of all units.

Brand positioning, brand profile and corporate design

We drew up all reasonable brand architecture scenarios for Clairfield International and brought about a mutual strategic decision in a moderated workshop. Based on the determined brand architecture and the defined brand values, we developed a continuous corporate design that both enables the Clairfield International brand to have an independent appearance while also acting as an embedded brand in connection with all global partner companies. Besides the formal aesthetics and independence, it was also particularly important to have the possibility of integration into completely different looks.



Marc Niebling
Senior Account Manager
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