Excellent communication

The fascination of a sports car manufacturer

Porsche is unique in the world of automobile manufacturing. It represents a company with strong ideals and clear goals: building fascinating sports cars. But what makes a sports car? More HP? More revs per minute? Sure. But Porsche wants more. More ideas per kilometre. After all, they ensure that technology not only appeals to our mind – but also our heart. We are proud to be assisting the company with this.

Excellent communication for a premium brand

We support Porsche AG with the development and implementation of a very wide range of communication measures – with a focus on a dialogue with its retail structure. In this way, we have developed a global communication concept for the Porsche dealer programme ‘Porsche Business Excellence’ – a strategic training programme for retail in order to manage Porsche centres at an excellent performance level. Beginning with the concept for a dealer event series to determine needs through to all communication channels for the Porsche Dealer Academy – the training facility for the managers of the car dealerships.



Marc Niebling
Senior Account Manager
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