Brand Profile

Brands give direction. They shape our daily lives, influence our intentions and determine what we do. What we identify with in a brand are the qualities and ideas we associate with ourselves. The image we have of a brand is not a matter of chance. It is a product of experience, rational deliberation, and emotion. Creating a unique, unmistakable brand identity — a distinct brand profile — is fundamental to all brand communication. Every successful brand has a distinctive profile. Successful brands don’t try to please everyone — they are seductive and provocative; they have definite, individual qualities and values. They have a profile in the true sense of the word: a profile that makes the brand’s image sharper and more memorable, and uniquely distinguishes it from all others. Experience shows that even those companies that are not among the classic brand-name suppliers have a conception of their own brand. But few of these companies manage to translate their ideas into a successful, long-term marketing strategy. Usually they fail to draw the necessary conclusions about the brand’s qualities, attitudes and character. To act effectively, companies must interpret the findings of a brand analysis and apply them in strategic decisions. Once a brand positioning strategy has been developed, we create a profile for the brand. The profile defines the brand values, the brand core, and a core promise. In this process, relevant and distinguishing values become core attributes, concentrated in a meaningful brand core. This is a fundamental prerequisite for systematic, effective brand management. A well-defined brand profile is the only thing that enables a brand manager to effectively design and realize all the activities that shape the brand image. Only then does every action taken increase brand awareness and the brand’s value. RED develops and refines a company’s brand profiles, applying findings from brain research, the Delta Brand method, and notasensorics® to create brand personalities with the combined persuasiveness of rational, traditional and emotional values. In all media. For any target group.