Haus der Berge

Image brochure

Convincing decision-makers

Before the Bavarian State Ministry for Health and the Environment in Munich finally grants the 19 million euros for construction, the decision-makers need to be informed of the project details with a convincing brochure in order to ultimately authorise the final budget. Key factors include the educational presentation of the contents, a clear representation of the institution’s education mandate and a fresh visual appearance.

The idea

Neither the Haus der Berge in general nor the exhibitions are based on the idea of the traditional natural history museum. The focal point is the presentation of central messages pertaining to the education mandate of the National Park Management. The goal is to engage people, raising awareness for nature and the idea of a nature reserve. Accordingly, we develop the planning brochure with alternating pages in green, white and black, reflecting the different contents and goals of the brochure: animation and inspiration, presenting architectural plans and construction details and, finally, communicating all contents and exhibition contents of the project. Motivating, excellent and, ultimately, convincing.



Veronique Bielecke
Senior Account Manager
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