Hifly Windsurfing

Product design

Distinctly together

The large product range of Hifly Surfboards offers the right boards for all specific target groups: beginners, students in surf schools, family surfers, experienced Lake Garda experts and Hawaiian wave pros: based on two different constructions, Hifly offers the right board for all uses: the robust polyethylene-blown beginner and student boards Widestyle, which offer a limited range of design options due to cost considerations. The No-Nose Shape Madd, extremely wide and therefore capable of bringing the necessary lift for an early glide even at a short length. The smallest polyethylene board, Free, and the two laminated wave boards, Maxx and Wave, as an athletic or extreme addition to the product portfolio.

The idea

A product line in which each board is geared towards a different performance class and target group. With a graphic overlay look, we developed a unique form that serves as a visual connection for the Hifly family of products, while leaving enough room for design elements for an individual product line fitting the specific target group. Part of the visual: fresh colour coding and a modified typographic design, distorted to match the different decor options. This creates a product range characterising the design vocabulary of the Hifly brand, still consisting of five individual, sophisticated product lines. The signature of the Hifly brand for many years.



Alexandra Butler
Senior Account Manager
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