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E-answers from a technical community: c-tec

One of the greatest challenges of our time is the management of seemingly endless amounts of information. The know-how for doing this efficiently can create a crucial competitive edge. What if there were a knowledge tool that could answer all your technical and strategic questions? What if this tool gave you instant access to the newest product versions, pipeline developments and trends in your industry? And, better yet, what if it allowed you to communicate with experts and like-minded people?

Expert know-how

Expert know-how. C-tec is being developed as a “one-stop information source”, to make life easier for users and give them a competitive edge through knowledge – by maximising cross-company and cross-border synergies in the search for fast answers. C-tec is a dynamic platform where users can exchange their own experiences, tips and advice on bug fixing. It offers a broad range of training sessions and seminars to keep users up-to-date, inform them of the latest developments and continuously hone their skills.

The story: Insights

We translate the claim “Insights for IT Experts” into totally new, modern imagery: X-ray images of IT components. In cooperation with a medical institute, we performed a very unusual photo shoot, where different server parts were x-rayed. The result: a distinct product presence under the umbrella brand Fujitsu, a launch package and the web community.



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