Lifebook Microsite

Creating a unique product platform

The successful Lifebook campaign for Fujitsu notebooks needed a central, interactive and high-performing microsite. We gave the site its striking and interactive design, determined where and how to embed the video clips produced by us and created a total of 21 language versions for 32 countries. The microsite and some of its applications will later become reference points for the relaunch of Fujitsu’s corporate website. So many Fujitsu notebooks are sold worldwide that the product is experiencing its first delivery bottleneck.

Innovative online design

Following an extensive competition analysis of the websites operated by other IT manufacturers, we created a clever site map offering an easy way to display the different products and content pages as needed for the first time. Among other things, we took into account the so-called “eye-tracking method”, designing the elements to guide the users’ eye. The modern design appeals to a relatively young target group with an affinity for design. Emotional imagery offers an accessible introduction to product-specific content. Interactive product configuration adds transparency and redirects users to the online shop in the user’s country, if necessary. Based on a complex project plan, we ensured that all 32 countries went live on the desired date and handled the entire coordination process directly with each country.



Marc Niebling
Senior Account Manager
Tel. +49 89 895622-25